Website Privacy Policy Statement

Dj Tripper is committed to protecting your privacy through the use of our website. This statement relates to the information that we gather, and how it is stored and protected.

Information We Collect From Users Of Our Website

• We collect information from visitors to our website. Different information is collected and the type of information collected depends upon the parts of the site that you access. Personal information, such as names, is only collected upon registration. Addresses and telephone numbers are only collected at the stage where you are actually making a purchase. This information is stored in a number of different ways.
• We store login details using ‘cookies’ which are small files of data created by our software. The cookies are then stored on your computer. The information collected and stored in these cookies only relates to your login username and your user preferences. At no time is any information stored in any cookie that can identify an individual user. You may delete these cookies at any time by following the instructions given by the web browser or operating system on your computer.
• We do not collect credit card, debit card or bank details of any kind. All online payments are carried out by secure online processing companies, such as PayPal, who utilise industry leading encryption techniques to help protect against identity theft and fraud.
• All transactions are covered with 100% protection against unauthorized payments from your account.
• Your password is protected via state of the art, 32 bit, digital encryption. We have no access to your password and in the event that you forget your password, a new one will be randomly generated by our system and sent to the email address that you provided when you signed up. You may edit this password at any time using the facilities directly available on our website.
• We utilise state of the art protection to maintain all information held on our systems. If your personal information is held on our systems, you may edit or delete this information at any time using the facilities directly available via our website.
• You may also inform us at any time that you wish to have your details removed from our systems.
• We will never sell or otherwise transfer this information to any third party.

Information We Collect Via Your Emails Or Contact Form

If you send an enquiry via email or complete a contact form, we will only use that information to respond to your request. We will not pass that information on to any other party unless you directly request us to do so.

Information We Collect Via Email Alert Requests

If you sign-up for information to be sent to you via Email Alerts, we will only use the information supplied to provide that service. We will hold this information only for the requested duration of the service. You may at any time withdraw, correct, or update the information that you have provided and you may also request, at any time, that we remove your details and cancel your subscription. Occasionally we may contact subscribers to help improve the services that we offer.